How to repost pictures from private accounts on Instagram

These instructions will help you use Repost Master for Instagram to repost pictures that don’t have a “Copy Share URL” option. Note that you must have been accepted as a follower first, and have access to these pictures. The trick is just to get the URL from the browser instead of the Instagram app.
  • First thing you should to is install and launch Repost Master for Instagram
  • Once you’ve done so, proceed to launch your regular browser. Either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or your built in browser will do just fine.
  • In the address bar type and log in to your account.
  • Once you access to your account, simply browse for the picture you want to repost and open it.
  • Select the URL on the address bar and copy it.
  • You should see a notification coming from Repost Master. Click on it or just launch the app.
  • The post will be automatically added to the list and you’ll have the option to either repost it or download it to your gallery.